JUNE 6TH-10TH 2019

Sif Orellana, a Danish award-winning cookbook author and photographer  – will invite you on an insider’s explorative and culinary tour to hidden gems, treasures and trattorias of the region, fuel you with new learning about photography and storytelling, and along the way nourish your tastebuds massively.

During 5 inspiration-packed days/4 nights a local ‘nonna’ and homechef will, amongst others, teach us how to make fresh Italian pasta in the most picturesque shapes and with a filling of the best ingredients from the area. We will shoot the pasta in its making, take gorgeous process shots, talk about how to capture the soul and atmosphere of the creation and location, how to tell a strong visual story and how you find your own unique trademark style. When you wake up in the morning, the loveliest Tuscan breakfast is waiting for you in the courtyard, and in the evening the most delicious homemade Italian meals will be served at a long wooden table at the terrace, or in the olive grow based on fresh local products and accompanied by good wine.

Throughout the retreat you will be invited on a number of excursions, where we can both shoot stellar lifestyle photos for your portfolio, blog, social media accounts, a book or a magazine, explore the region and enjoy some good meals. We will invite you on a sailing trip on Golfo dei Poeti and take you out for delicious lunch at a family-driven trattoria and a photo walk in one the most charming villages in the region, Tellaro.

With picnic-baskets in hand we’ll take you to a secret picturesque waterfall with the most beautiful crystal blue water, where you are free to take a refreshing dip before we sit down under the shades of the trees and enjoy a delicate outdoor picnic of local specialties, olives, cheese, loaves of bread, Italian treats and more. And on the way back home we’ll stop for a drink or a refreshing ice-cream at our favorite local bar in the small, rural village near our retreat location.

On the final evening of the retreat, we’ll prepare a wonderful, festive farewell dinner out in the olive grove served at a long wooden table in the midst of olive trees – the most picturesque scene you can imagine. And these are just some of the highlights we have in store for you – lots of other wonderful surprises will be revealed during the retreat.